I Am The King

Since his arrival, about 2 weeks ago, Arturo proved to be a little monster! It took him less than 24 hours to adjust to the new place and now he totally rules the house!
His favorite activities include:
  • Pretend Starvation (doesn’t work with me!)
  • Crazy Meow  (I can handle that)
  • Couch Climbing (very bad)
  • Legs/Back/Shoulders Climbing (ouch!) + Hair Chewing (creepy)
He only behaves while he’s asleep…
But isn’t he darling?!
xoxo Sumi*

2 thoughts on “I Am The King

  1. Cats rule!!! They are kings and queens and take over our lives and homes. I had one for 18 years, I know! Enjoy him, I can’t wait to be the slave to another cat! I love them.


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