To Amy Jade


I can still remember it very clearly, the first time I heard your voice. It was April 2007 and I was leaning on the couch, Mtv on, relaxing before leaving for Milan. Suddenly my attention was caught by this video clip. Ten minutes later I had Back to Black on my Ipod. I’ve played it so hard that in my mind most of 2007 and 2008 events will be forever linked to this album, Frank and Mark Ronson’s Version.

I can’t tell which song I like most. I feel all of the lyrics are poetry and your powerful voice made me dream, made me cry, became part of me.

I will never forget your gig in Milan, how you looked shy on stage and how your black and white dress didn’t seem to stay in place. Your voice came out so naturally, so warm, without you even trying.

You were surely the best artist of our generation. Unequaled voice and inspired writer. You’ve touched so many, you’ll hardly be forgotten.

May you rest in peace, Amy.


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