Glossybox #1

I’m not such an expert about beauty products. In fact I use few, and very basic ones too, like day cream, night cream, dry oil after showering and… well, that’s quite all. So I decided to subscribe to French Glossybox both as a treat and to widen my knowledge (lol). Mostly as a treat.

Glossybox is a service that provides new and niche beauty products. Once you subscribe you’ll receive a Glossybox a month, directly at home, containing 5 samples. So you just try them and then you are highly encouraged to review them. To keep it simple: you basically pay to have a surprise parcel packed with beauty stuff delivered at home once a month.

Here’s my Glossybox. As you can see the box itself is quite pretty! It comes with a brief description of the products.  

The contents:

PAYOT Hydrofluide

It’s a hydrating activator for dehydrated skins. So basically you apply a couple of drops (it has a gelly texture) on your face and neck then apply your normal day cream. It’s fresh, dries fast and it kind of amplifies the moisturizing effect of your cream.

First impressions: it works! I have a very dry skin and I can really tell the difference between using my daily cream alone and with Payot’s Hydrofluide. This said, I must admit that I won’t be willing to buy it (it’s costly! € 39 for 30ml). I think I’d rather buy a  more expensive hydrating cream.


Intense and long lasting moisturization cream. It has a very creamy but not greasy texture. It smells nice.

First impressions: It’s more hydrating than the average day cream. Used in combination with the Hydrofluide gives excellent results! The cost is € 67,10 for 50ml. Still too much for me. (Sorry for being stingy).

LOLITA LEMPICKA Lait Parfumé pour le Corps Si Lolita

Perfumed body lotion complementary to the eau de parfum Si Lolita, an oriental-floral fragrance strengthened with spicy accords, bergamot, mandarin, pink pepper, sweet peas, elemi, patchouli, Tonka and amber.

First impressions: highly hydrating, the perfume is very persistent. If you love this fragrance I think the body lotion is worth its € 41 for 300ml. Problem is, I hate spicy fragrances.

HYP Cocoon Shampoo

A natural shampoo for dry and damaged hair. It doesn’t contain silicone nor paraben. At the heart of the formula, a pure extract of Okra, a fruit from Senegal from fair trade whose high content in polysaccharides (sugar) gives it shaping, moisturizing and protective filmogenic properties for the hair shaft.

First impressions: haven’t tried it yet. I don’t think it smells very good. But this sample size is a perfect travel size! Price: € 18 for 200ml

BY TERRY Voile Poudre Éclat

Correcting mattifying loose powder. The combination of Intensive Glow Control complex with light-reflecting and correcting action, sized mineral powders and ultra-fine natural talcs providing a perfectly even complexion and the Avocado Oil and non-genetically modified Corn Starch for moisturizing and anti-tightness effect are the core of this luxurious powder.

First impressions: the texture is extremely airy and fresh and the smell is very delicate. The powder puff is heavenly soft. I’ve received shade #2 Rose Lumière which is very pale and pink and not at all my shade. That’s a shame because this is a luxury product (€ 52 for 15g) that alone is worth the cost of this month’s Glossybox and that I would have loved to wear. Well, I guess that some lucky friend of mine will enjoy it in my place.

So, what do you think about Glossybox? I think it’s a very clever and innovative service. And just so you know, they are launching Glossybox Homme too!

xx Sumi


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