Karl Lagerfeld for Sephora

The limited edition capsule collection that Mr Karl Lagerfeld created in exclusive for Sephora Europe is already out and available in stores and online.

Celebrating Mr Karl Lagerfeld with humor and style, this collection is indeed a collectible.

Must have #1 is surely the eyeshadow palette in Mr Lagerfeld’s iconic profile shape.

Price € 35

Must have #2, ça va sans dire, is the elegant black and gold box sealed by Mr Karl’s silhouette containing a nail polish duo in black and gold.

Price € 30

The eau de parfum is amusingly called Karleidoscope and is the result of the collaboration with nose Christophe Raynaud. A powdered floral bouquet with notes of Violet leaf, Angelica seed, Violet, Heliotrope, Benzoin resin, Tonka bean and Patchouli. The black and white bottle reminds of Mr Karl’s uniform of white shirt and black tie, with a gold band on the top bearing the name of the fragrance.

Price € 39 for 30 ml, € 63 for 60 ml

And, as if it wasn’t enough, there are the accessories too, like the makeup trousse, Mr Karl’s doll (so you can always take him with you) and the cristal ball.

Price € 15 purse size, € 25 travel size

“Fashion is not moral nor amoral, it’s made to raise morale”

Price € 25
Price € 25

 “My biggest luxury is to not have to justify myself to anyone”

Isn’t this whole collection the most lovely and desirable Christmas gift? Boyfriend, are you reading? 😉

xx Sumi


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