Girl Panic!

Beware! Duran Duran are back with a brand new hit single and a music video featuring, once again, models SUPERMODELS. It’s known that Duran Duran started the trend of having supermodels in their videos (“we were one of the firsts to put models in our videos” 5:31), but they are now bringing the concept to a whole new level!

The video for Girl Panic! is directed by Jonas Åckerlund (director of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi and Telephone) and stars supermodels Naomi Campbell playing lead singer Simon Le Bon, Eva Herzigova as keyboardist Nick Rhodes, Helena Christensen as drummer Roger Taylor, Cindy Crawford as bassist John Taylor and Yasmin Le Bon in the role of a random guitarist.

Set at the Savoy hotel in London, the clip is conceived as a as a sort of  “a day with” documentary/behind the scenes with interview sketches to the (fake) band members sharing their feelings about music, touring and still being in a band after 30 years. It must be said that the girls, beside being all glamorous and awesome, show unforeseen acting skills, especially Eva, which is really nailing it, and all laid back and drunk Helena/Roger.

The real band members make random appearances as interviewers, hotel staff members, paparazzi, barman and can be spotted during the shootings for Harper’s Bazaar and for the video clip playing the real selves in several frames.

This music video is a concentrate of Fashion, Music, Glamour, Supermodels, Champagne, Awesomeness. Not to mention the special appearance by Dolce & Gabbana. So, thank you Duran Duran! Enjoy!

x Sumi


2 thoughts on “Girl Panic!

  1. I remember Helena Christensen in Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ and Cindy Crawford in Bon Jovi’s awful Xmas song.

    They’re so tall yet they need to wear stilettos? I would have thought after years of wearing them they’d be suffering by now and would by choice, choose and endorse more comfortable footwear.


    1. Yes, the music video for Wicked Game is kind of epic! But it’s from 1991, while Duran Duran already had Christy Turlington in Notorious in 1986! About the ‘awful Xmas song’ I must admit I had to check on YouTube ’cause I didn’t remember it. You are right, it’s terrible.
      In fact the only other supermodels music video I can recall is George Michael’s Freedom, which is from 1990. So Duran Duran still win! 🙂


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