Hello lovely subscribers and pretty people of the internet who are happening to read this post.

After much effort and failed attempts, I’ve finally managed to find a job. And a good one too! I’m very happy. So to celebrate, in the eve of my first day, I’d like to share some tips. About clothes, obviously.

In fact when looking for a job the most stressful part is to prepare for interviews. And what really freaks me out is not what I’m gonna tell the recruter, is what I am gonna wear. Every time I manage to get a job interview I rush out to buy me something new to wear (a shirt, a pair of trousers, a suit) but then I end up wearing something I already own.

And every time I check on the web if I can find some illuminating tips to make a killer first impression. Because, let’s face it, applying for a fashion job is trickier: the way you look is evaluated as much as your skills so of course no faux pas are admitted. This is what I’ve learnt so far:

1- Check the people already working there. I know it may sound obvious, but it’s not. It’s easy when you’re applying for a job in a boutique, you just need to check through the shop windows OR ask a friend to go in and check it out for you. Otherwise there’s the spy option: place yourself in front of the building around 9am and check the people entering. Or simply ask them when they call you to fix the appointment. Forgotten? It’s not too late, call the HR department or the secretary who made the appointment or at worst the concierge service.

case a. The employees are wearing a suit.

You MUST wear a suit too!! And usually is a black tailored suit. My tip: buy a nice (expensive) one that fits you well, it’s an investment. If in doubt choose pants over a skirt and make sure they make your butt look nice. Check the hem both with heels and with flats (you’ll want to have the choice). The jacket shouldn’t be too formal. Choose one that suits you well: could be thigh, with 3/4 sleeves, with or without pockets,… you have infinite choices. But the most important thing is that you must like yourself in it and feel comfortable. To give it a twist wear it with a blouse or a  fancy shirt (ruches, ribbon collar) over a regular white one. Show them who you are!

Paul&Joe @netaporter.com
Alexander McQueen @netaporter.com
Theyskens' Theory @netaporter.com
Sonia Rykiel @netaporter.com
Vivienne Westwood Anglomania @netaporter.com

case b. The employees are dressed casual.

This doesn’t mean you should too. Once you’re hired you’ll get to wear your worn out jeans and Converse, but for the job interview you must look your best. Remember that pretty black jacket you bought for case a? or those perfect fitting trousers or skirt? You can wear them mismatched. For example you can wear the jacket over a pretty dress, or wear the trousers with a charming cardigan or with a printed blouse.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania @netaporter.com
Stella McCartney @netaporter
Donna Karan @netaporter.com
Splendid @netaporter.com

2- Look your best! Which means perfect hair, makeup and polished nails. And the best part is that it should all look effortless. Give some extra care to your hair a couple of days before the D day. Have your color done if needed and don’t forget a nourishing hair mask. On the other hand, don’t overdo your makeup: foundation, mascara, eyeliner are a must but be careful with eyeshadow and lipstick if you don’t usually wear them. About the nails, remember that bright colored nail polishes are a NO! Wear a nude or clear tone or, at most, a french manicure.

3- Wear your best accessories. This doesn’t mean they should be super fancy, but they shouldn’t be worn out either or, even worse, look childish. A leather bag is a safe choice and if you’re wearing all black you could even dare a bright color. Make sure that the brand isn’t too visible, especially if it’s a competitor’s handbag.

Chloé @netaporter.com
Marc by Marc Jacobs @mytheresa.com
Chloé @netaporter.com
Marc by Marc Jacobs @mytheresa.com
Marc by Marc Jacobs @netaporter.com

4- Heels always look good. Which doesn’t mean you have to wear 5 inches heels. You can also wear medium or low heels. Besides the aesthetics – makes you taller, make your legs look longer, etc., I think that you should wear heels because they give you confidence. And that’s all a job interview is about! Extra tip: in case you have to walk/drive a lot to get to the interview place, I suggest to pic a capacious handbag and wear flats until you get there. Ballerinas are the best because they take up a very tiny space.

Miu Miu @mytheresa.com
Mauro Leone @mauroleone.com
Miu Miu @mytheresa.com
Jimmy Choo @netaporter.com
Mauro Leone @mauroleone.com

5- Dare a scarf or bold accessories. It will make you stand out of the crowd and complete your look. And who doesn’t have a favorite soft scarf or a precious heirloom? Wear them for good luck! And by the way, did you know that you can wear a scarf in 25 different ways?

Mulberry @netaporter
Oscar de la Renta @netaporter
Dominic Jones @netaporter
Kenneth Jay Lane @netaporter


No bare shoulders

No fur

No leather clothes 

No bare legs

Hope this helped or inspired you at least a little. I know what you’re going trough, so from the bottom of my heart: Good luck!

xx Sumi


One thought on “Hired!

  1. After much effort and failed attempts, I’ve finally managed to find a job. And a good one too! I’m very happy. So to celebrate, in the eve of my first day, I’d like to share some tips. About clothes, obviously.
    Nothing missing then ye? you really spelled it out for anyone who has any doubts on how to show up for an interivew, from clothing to shoes and all the rest.
    Well done for taking the time to put this together.


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