Gilmore Girls


Gilmore Girls is my favorite tv show ever. These last few days there has been a little buzz on the internet because the whole 7 seasons are going to be available on Netflix starting October 1st. I personally do own them all on DVD, and even though I have rewatched them again and again trough the years, just the news make me wanna start again from day 1 in Stars Hollow.

Truth is, GG is more than a tv show: it’s a lifestyle. It’s a religion.


For those like Dean who have been left in the dark all this time, here’s a little synopsis: Lorelai is the thirty-two years old manager of the Independence Inn and the single mother of Rory, fifteen. The relationship with her parents, the wealthy and conservative Emily and Richard, is quite tense and they barely speak. When Rory gets accepted at the prestigious Chilton high school, Lorelai realises that she cannot afford the tuition and is forced to turn to her parents for help.

Even if it looks like just a family drama, GG is so much more than that. The characters are quite well developed and they all grow considerably throughout the seasons as they experience high and lows. The relationship between Lorelai and Rory changes as years go by, as that with her parents does. Plus, GG heavily introduced pop culture references and fast and witty dialogues -as the heart and the soul of the show itself.

So, if you haven’t subscribed to Netflix yet… well, starting October  you have a good reason to.

Please note that this blog will be closed from October 1st due to intensive and compulsive rewatch of Gilmore Girls.

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