Out Of The Game and On The Road

I am a huge fan of Mark Ronson.

He has produced Rufus Wainwright‘s new upcoming album, and Out Of The Game! is the first track.

Don’t know why but this song makes me think about driving on a long, straight road in a sunny day.

And this led me to think about a book read and loved a long time ago. When with a marking pen I had written on my bookcase (no kidding: I used to write on my room’s walls and furniture) this quote:

Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.

And now I discover that they’re doing the movie. Oh, crap. (But hey, Sam Riley is cute!)



Keira Knightley

I love Keira Knightley.

She’s a terrific actress and she chooses her roles wisely. She’s smart, pretty and the testimonial for Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle.

That’s enough to be annoying, but instead I think she’s nice. I’d like to be best friends with all of her characters.

On top of my list there’s Atonement, one of my favorite movies and favorite books. It’s rare to find such a well done transposition. Keira plays a perfect Cecilia Tallis, and her development of the character as the story enrolls is remarkable. Her wardrobe is too – the green dress is legendary. If you haven’t watched this movie you must asap. And read the book too!

The Edge of Love is less know but yet a great movie. Based on the life of poet Dylan Thomas, the movie is set in England during WWII and explores the life of the poet and the two women he loves and by whom he’s loved and their powerful friendship. It must be said that all the main characters deliver great performances: Keira KnightleySienna Miller, Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys.

Last Night is a beautiful and touching movie about relationships and betrayal (physical vs emotional). Keira plays Joanna, a young writer and wife who meets her long lost love while her husband is on a business trip and spends with him a long, nostalgic and passionate night wandering in NY. Her blue dress is stunning.

And even if I didn’t particularly enjoy the entire movie, I think that Juliet & Mark‘s story in Love Actually is very romantic and delicate. And easy to summarize:

Another of my favorite books is Never Let Me Go and since she stars in the movie adaptation I was led to believe that we may share the same reading taste! She plays Ruth.

And CHANEL. Oh, Chanel!

And, of course, I love it even more since Coco Mademoiselle is “my” fragrance.

x Sumi