Tuesday’s Inspiration: Tommy Hilfiger


To celebrate the 30th birthday of his namesake brand, Mr Tommy Hilfiger sits with Imran Amed of Business of Fashion to tell the story behind the legendary brand.

From Elmira, New York to New York City. The ‘hangman campaign’, going public, suffering overexposure and overdistribution, re-positioning and thinking ahead.

A true lesson in fashion business!

You can find the entire article here.


Tuesday’s Inspiration: September

Last month, when Vogue published this amazing photoshoot of Blake Lively by Mario Testino I wasn’t even thinking about Autumn. Now that here in Ireland we have definitively said goodbye to summer, all I wanna do is drink tea wearing a poncho in front of a fireplace. In Wyoming.





Welcome September. I’m ready.

5 New Things from 2012

to bring into 2013.

One I’ll definitely keep all my life. One is a thing everybody had already, and now I have it too. Two are discoveries I’ve made: they were already there, I just didn’t knew about them. Last one I was skeptical about, but now I love it.

Did you find out which is which?


Left to right: Haruki Murakami‘s Norwegian Wood. Although deeply depressing, kept me eagerly reading it to the end. A friend recommended Kafka On The Shore as one of her favorite books swearing it is much more cheerful. So, my resolution for 2013 is to get to know Murakami better.

My new smartphone. Yes, I didn’t own one until 2012. I’ve survived. And now I’m happy to join you, normal people.

The eyebrow pencil. I didn’t know how much I needed it until I tried it on. For the first few days it looked odd, but now I can’t leave the house without its final touch to my routine make up.

Handmade soap. I’m not that into organic stuff but these soaps are good moisturizers and the scent is usually very delicate, not at all overwhelming. In 2013 I’m planning to put aside all industrial soaps and maybe even shower gels and stick to organic handmade soaps.

My wedding ring. Nothing more to add.

Marni for H&M

Marrakesh, dreams, love, bold prints. H&M‘s collaboration with Ms Consuelo Castiglioni, founder and creative director of Marni, is revealed through this beautiful commercial directed by Sofia Coppola. The song is Brian Ferry‘s Avalon.

The collection will be available in selected stores and online from 8th March.

Expectations are high. Very high.

Can’t wait!

xx Sumi

Sale Shopping

This year I’ve been a good girl (read broke) and I’ve been very frugal in my sale shopping 😉

Anyway, these are my bargains:

biker boots from Mauro Leone

suede boots from Tommy Hilfiger (50% off!)

handbag from Mango

pulls from Zara

and, not in the picture, tons of pretty underwear from a new discovery: Undiz. Take a look, they have lovely things at such a reasonable price! And best of all, they went 50% from the very first sales day!

What did you buy?

xx Sumi