Lazy Sunday in Nice

What to do on a sunny lazy Sunday of February in Nice? You can take a walk on the Promenade des Anglais and sit on the beach relaxing and enjoying the sea side in winter.

Or, you can visit the the National Museum of Marc Chagall (free entrance the first Sunday of the month) and discover this artist.


The man lived almost 100 years: born in Russia he moved to Paris, back to Russia, to the US as an exile (he was Jewish), and spent his last years in Vence, South France. In 1973 he himself inaugurated the museum. I find all of this fascinating, both because he witnessed the great changements of the XX century, two World Wars and the Russian Revolution, and because his work received the deserved recognition while he was still alive-unlike many other artists.

At the entrance of the museum there’s a plaque that briefly sums up the main events of his life (and it’s the only thing I was allowed to shoot).


Since the visit took us just a couple of hours and left us very hungry, we drove towards the Vieux Nice (old town) and enjoyed a lovely walk from place Masséna to the port.


Here’s a glimpse of Place Garibaldi (another beautiful spot in Nice made even more beautiful thanks to Instagram) which I love cause it looks just like Turin, my hometown. Click here if you don’t believe me.



I love Greece: Karpathos

Of all the Greek islands I had the chance to visit, I loved Karpathos the most.

The nature is wild, the sea is clear and the landscape changes quickly. A moment you are on the most-beautiful-almost-desert beach you’ve ever seen, and a moment later you are riding through a pines wood where the smell of sea and herbs blend perfectly.




Driving through the only road connecting the Northern part of the island, we reached the small villages of Olympos and Diafani, where fishermen still exist and women wear Karpathos traditional costume.



Since it was early October most touristy activities were suspended, like boat trips to Saria island, a protected habitat for the Mediterranean monk seal. Which means, we’ll have to come back again. Can’t wait.



Pisa, Toscana

For our 10 years together my husband and I spent the weekend in Pisa. He had never been there before, so what better occasion to visit this beautiful city?

  • Where to stay: Hotel Villa Kinzica. The staff is very kind and helpful and the position is… well, take a look at the picture below. This was the view from our room:


  • Where to eat: La Taverna di Emma. Couldn’t believe that a place so close to a tourist spot could be so good and so cheap. Tip: try the Coppa Gufo dessert. Better than Tiramisù.

The major attraction in Pisa is Piazza dei Miracoli, where the Duomo, the Campanile (tower) and the Battistero are situated. You can visit the Duomo for free and, since the ticket for the tower is quite steep, we visited the Battistero.



Pisa’s leaning tower, one of the world’s best known landmarks:


The inside of the Battistero






Visit of the Duomo




Before dinner we went for a stroll in the city center, which is on the other side of the Arno river. It’s about a 20 minutes walk from the tower.DSCN2019

Near the end of Corso Italia, going toward the station we went looking for Keith Haring mural Tuttomondo, his last public work from 1989. Sorry for the bad pictures, it was already dark and the artwork is not illuminated.



I love Greece: Santorini

Somebody told me that Greek islands all look the same and not to waste my time visiting them all. This person was very very wrong. I wish I could have visited every single Greek island, even the inhabited ones. They are all different and they are all beautiful.

First stop: Santorini, Cyclades


Here’s a view of the caldera from the iconic village of Oia, best known for the beautiful sunsets and the white and blue houses. (and yes,  The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was filmed here, I also found Lena’s house)

The beaches are beautiful and unique: like the Red Beach which can be reached by boat or by foot through a narrow path.

The Red Beach

Or, in case you’re looking for total relax, Kamari Beach with its black sand and the cheap sun beds.

Kamari Beach

Santorini also offers a site of archeological interest. Akrotiri‘s excavation site is a Bronze Age village which was buried by a volcano eruption and for hence is very well preserved.

Akrotiri archeological site

We only stayed for 3 days but I fell in love with the place. We slept at the lovely Zorzis Hotel in Perissa and had the best seafood at To Psaraki while watching the fishermen in the harbor below.

Honeymoon, where?

There are so many beautiful places in the world that we’d like to visit! Where to go? That’s the big question!

We narrowed the choice to a few places, what would you suggest?

Fell free to add others in the comments! Where have you spent your Honeymoon! Tell me everything!

x Sumi

Cool Amsterdam

Staying only for the weekend and with friends that are not used to my shop addiction, I didn’t have a chance to buy clothes or anything in Amsterdam! 😦 Only tulip bulbs…

Anyway, I managed to discover a fab shoe brand that I didn’t knew of: UNITED NUDE.

United Nude stripes

United Nude sandal

Yeah, I know. Sale.

I don’t wanna talk about it.


But let’s talk about these ananas shorts:

River Island shorts

How cool are they??


xoxo Sumi*