Exactly one month ago I got married.

It’s true what they say: good days pass too quickly. And this has been the best day of my life. If only I could I would relive it over and over and I wouldn’t change a single thing. Thanks to all our friends and family that made our day so special.

x Sumi


Honeymoon, where?

There are so many beautiful places in the world that we’d like to visit! Where to go? That’s the big question!

We narrowed the choice to a few places, what would you suggest?

Fell free to add others in the comments! Where have you spent your Honeymoon! Tell me everything!

x Sumi


Hello Everyone!

I’m alive and well, if you’d been wondering.

I’m really sorry for my neglecting the blog lately, but I have some excuses and a news to share. The excuse is that my home adsl has been cut off for over a month (and yes, you can survive that) and that finally I’m working full time (yay!). Not enough?

You’re right. But you see, lately I’ve been spending all my free time… welll… (here comes THE NEWS!!) planning my Wedding! Oh, yes! There’ll be a wedding in September!

And to apologize, I’ll be happy to share my planning ideas and inspirations so you can give me your advice.

Is it a deal?

xx Sumi