What Happened to Rory Gilmore?


The Gilmore Girls: One Year In The Life marathon is over and, after 4 episodes, 6 hours, 1 year back in Stars Hollow I feel mostly disappointed.

What happened to Rory Gilmore?

Rory Gilmore, the role model for all the girls out there (and for the parents as well). Rory Gilmore, always much too praised, but driven and hard working. Rory Gilmore, the ambitious girl, always over prepared and willing to work her way to the top with no shortcuts.

What happened to Rory Gilmore?

As everyone around her is “super proud”, she apparently reached her peak and cannot top her New Yorker piece. Is she starting to doubt herself? Was Mitchum Huntzberger right about her not having what it takes to be a journalist?

Self doubt can sometimes bring a healthy new perspective, old Rory would have known that.

So, what happened to Rory Gilmore?

One piece published in the New Yorker and anything less feels beneath her, teaching at Chilton smells like failure while she has Mitchum Huntzberger arranging interviews for her (Serena and her DAR application, anyone?), arrives to a real job interview totally unprepared, assuming that just being Rory Gilmore will be enough.

But let’s talk about the Stars Hollow Gazette job. Editor of the paper when she had nothing else on the horizon. Could have been her turning point. Yes, the equipment was old and the coworkers hopeless, but with your own laptop and your friends writing for you for free, what can stop you? As she herself points out, she has a master degree in journalism from Yale and experience as an editor. She could have made the Stars Hollow Gazette at least a better newspaper, she could have assembled a hell of a team to write for it: Doyle (former editor of Yale’s paper) was already writing her movie reviews. Add Jess (professional writer), Paris (former editor of the Yale’s paper and the Franklin), the Heap Alien writing a music column, Kirk writing Kirk stuff. Not too far-fetched, in my opinion.

Instead is a poem on the front page/no poem on the front page diatribe until Jess comes to give her enlightenment in a two-minutes conversation (again?)

For the last time,

What happened to Rory Gilmore?

She is better than this, deserved better than this.

Not mentioning her love life, this deserves another post.