Tuesday’s Inspiration: Tommy Hilfiger


To celebrate the 30th birthday of his namesake brand, Mr Tommy Hilfiger sits with Imran Amed of Business of Fashion to tell the story behind the legendary brand.

From Elmira, New York to New York City. The ‘hangman campaign’, going public, suffering overexposure and overdistribution, re-positioning and thinking ahead.

A true lesson in fashion business!

You can find the entire article here.


Sale Shopping

This year I’ve been a good girl (read broke) and I’ve been very frugal in my sale shopping 😉

Anyway, these are my bargains:

biker boots from Mauro Leone

suede boots from Tommy Hilfiger (50% off!)

handbag from Mango

pulls from Zara

and, not in the picture, tons of pretty underwear from a new discovery: Undiz. Take a look, they have lovely things at such a reasonable price! And best of all, they went 50% from the very first sales day!

What did you buy?

xx Sumi