Ad Wars: CHANEL n.5 VS Miss Dior


The latest ads for CHANEL n.5 and miss Dior fragrances have been released in time to boost sales for Valentine’s Day. Both brands have chosen the short film ad, with Chanel calling back director Baz Luhrmann hoping to replicate the success of 2004 Le Film, starring Nicole Kidman.

CHANEL n.5 The one that I want

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen goes surfing in a Chanel swimsuit and matching board to clear out her mind, after, presumably, a fight with her husband. She looks very troubled: she feels something is wrong, or maybe regrets something she said. So she hurries back to her mansion trotting on the private beach only to see her husband leaving the house, but instead of stopping him she changes her wet swimsuit to a silk gown and sadly watches the car pull out. Her daughter arrives pulling the nanny’s arm and she hides her worries behind a smile, while finally noticing the note he left her. We can read on the envelope “to my heart I must be true” but she leaves it on her dressing table preferring to put on lipstick and merrily spay some Chanel n.5 in the air, to her daughter’s delight. They wave goodbye and the little girl goes to school while Gisele goes to work. She’s a top model, in case you were wondering. During a pause in the photo shooting (the photographer is Baz Luhrmann) she finally reads her husband’s letter. He still loves her! She must go find him and tell him she loves him back! She leaves the set at once and drives, weeping, the deserted road to the city where she throws her car keys to an invisible valet and finally reunite with him in a Lynchian theatre where he has been waiting all day listening to a cover of a the Grease song that inspired his love letter. They kiss and smile, and they are happy and in love again!

My thoughts: the Chanel ad is the celebration of marital love, who can overcome some bad days (symbolized by the waves and Gisele surfing them) and be renewed by a date night in the city. Unlike the Kidman ad, here love and family come before work. The choice of Gisele as a testimonial is quite fitting: she embodies the modern woman able to balance a successfull carreer and the care of her happy family.

The target: they are trying to attract new customers: working women in their early thirties are the main target.

Miss Dior #itsmissactually

Natalie Portman opens the door to the hotel valet bearing her wedding bouquet “your flowers Madame” he says politely to the soon-to-be bride. “It’s miss actually” she replies drily. Next thing we know, she’s walking down the aisle at her father’s arm. She looks terrified. At the last moment she stops, looks behind and murmurs “I’m sorry dad” while placing a lily of the valley from her bouquet on his lapel. She walks away and the world turns from black and white to colours. She’s so relieved that she takes off her shoes to run even faster and gets rid of her lovely bouquet who falls to the ground. Suddenly she’s in the country (must have been running a lot) where she takes off her wedding gown, revealing a black strapless mini dress under it. She’s running again. Now she’s on a rock by the sea, waiting for a helicopter coming to her rescue. She mounts a rope ladder in a rose petals storm and flies in the sunset, while the helicopter pilot lasciviously kisses her on the neck.

My thoughts: I think that the idea here is to portray a young woman who choses to escape a path already set for her (marriage) to live a more adventurous life. What I see is instead a spoiled rich girl who runs away with her lover on her wedding day in a very theatrical way, embarrassing her father and showing us that in the end she’s not that independent, since she runs from a man to another.

The target: young women in their twenties I guess. Natalie Portman is way older though.

Conclusions: neither is selling the dream, but the Chanel ad is more consistent. Dior did best in ads without a real story but with a strong Parisian mood, like this one. Valentine’s sales will proclaim the real winner!


Hand Made Soap

For Christmas I got from my brother this beautiful basket of hand made soap.


I had absolutely no idea that you could prepare your own soap at home. In fact all you need is lye, distilled water and natural oils (cocunut and olive oil are the most used). Of course you can add other oils, herbs or fragrances if you wish, but the most important thing is, from my point of view, that this hand made soap does not contain animal fat. But it does contain glycerine, which industrial soap usually doesn’t.

So not only are these soap bars very pretty, they also leave your skin smoother. I’m won over.

Honey soap
Coconut and cocoa soap


Sephora’s Pro Lesson Palette

I’m so happy with my latest buy.

For my big day which, by the way, is approching, I decided to do my own make up, so I walked into Sephora’s shop to buy me something suitable for the occasion.

I’m a great fan of natural make up, but not at all a pro. And I used to think that blending different eye shadows would result in a less natural effect. Wrong.

Pro lesson palette was exactly what I was looking for! 6 eyeshadows, 1 eye pencil and simple instructions to create two different looks: Natural Nude and Smoky Nude.

The step-by step instructions are printed below the eye shadows, so you won’t lose them. Anyway it’s so easy that after the first time you won’t need them anymore.

For the Natural Nude you have a base of Universal Beige n°8 to apply from lid to brow.

Then you apply Light Taupe on the lid and Dark Cocoa on the outer corner of the eye  and you blend into crease.

With the Chocolate pencil you draw a line along the upper lashes, than you apply your favorite mascare. Isn’t that easy?

You can do the exact same process to create a Smoky Nude look with a Golden Beige base, a Medium Brown on the lid, a Dark Brown in the crease and along the lower lash line and the Chocolate pencil along the upper lashes.

The only problem is that brushes are not included, so you’ll have to buy them separately.

Exists also for Brown eyes, Blue eyes, Green eyes and for the Smoky eyes look.

Mythic Oil

I’d heard about L’Oréal’s Mythic Oil some months ago. There were enthusiastic comments about how nourishing it was and the miracles it made on even highly damaged hair.

So last time I went to the hair dresser it was there. I read the instructions, smelled it and asked to use it on my hair. Briefly, I walked out with a new hair cut AND Mythic Oil.

It’s not an inexpensive product (€22,5 for 125ml) and you can only buy it from L’Oréal Professional salons, but some websites like this one are also selling it and it’s way cheaper. Anyway you should try it, I think it’s a must have!

Warm just a couple of pumps in your hand before applying to damp hair. Blow dry as usual and voilà! Your hair will instantly look shiny, supple and smelling so good! The oil is in fact not greasy at all and in case of damaged ends you can apply an extra pump to nourish them deeply. And for extra shine you can add a pump to your dry hair.

The advertising I read was about the 4 benefits it provides, such as deep nourish even to the finest hair, shine, increased suppleness and long lasting anti-frizz protection. Well, looks like they didn’t lie.

I checked on the website to know more about the ingredients, since the ones written on the bottle are indecipherable for me. The main ingredients are avocado oil and grape seed oil. The first one, packed with essential fatty acids, provides intense nourishing and shine enhancing benefits. Grape Seed Oil, renowned for its nourishing properties, contains Linoleic Acid, one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world. That’s great!

From my point of view this is a five star product for everyday’s use.

Let me know if you’ve tried it too and what do you think about it.

xx Sumi

Glossybox #2

Here’s my second Glossybox, the November Diamond Box. Just in case you were wondering, I’m not the lucky winner of said diamond.

Best Product of the MonthESTHEDERM Crème Douce Désincrustante

This gentle pore cleanser cream deeply purifies skin and pores by simply massaging a small quantity of product on the dry face and neckline. The result is a perfect and deep scrub, without the irritation and redness, for the eternal happiness of sensitive skins! It’s recommended not to use it more that twice a week, but I can assure you you won’t need it: your skin will remain smooth, clean and bright for several days. Price: 29,80€ for 75ml. Totally worth it.

AGNÈS B. Rouge b. perfect!

The French fashion brand agnés b. has launched a makeup line. It can’t be found on its web site, but you can buy it here. I was lucky enough to get a sample of my all time favorite nuance: bois de rose. What can I say? J’adore. The texture is delicate and glossy and doesn’t create that thick layer like other lipsticks I’ve tried before. The color blends completely giving a very natural result. The price is also reasonable: € 17,90. I might buy it!

MAUBOUSSIN M Moi eau de parfum

M Moi is a delicate and fresh fragrance enclosed in a bottle shaped to remind a diamond. It’s always difficult to describe a perfume, you must try it on, cause it reacts differently with each if us. What I can tell you is that you might like it if you wear floral and poudered fragrances. Top notes: crocus, ivy and white currant. Middle notes: orange blossom, narcissus and ambrette seeds. Base notes: cashmere wood, white amber and musk. Price: 30ml €37, 50ml €47, 100ml €62.

ESTHEDERM Lait Démaquillant Hydra-Ressourçant

This cleansing milk, conceived for dry or mature skin types, has a 2 in 1 formula: it cleans and re-hydrates. Its formulation rich in copra, palm and almond oils softens and smooths the skin, maintains an ideal moisture level thanks to glycerin and cleans deeply and gently while stimulating the cells activity and re-balancing your skin. Price: €19 for 200ml.

FEKKAI Glossing Shampoo

This shampoo from Fekkai’s Brilliant Glossing line is rich in olive oil to make your hair shine! The plus: Fekkai Encapsulated Shine-Release Complex coats your hair follicles in olive oil during the day, forming a protective and shiny coating and making it perfect also for color treated hair. To get the best result rinse it with cool/lukewarm water. Price €21 for 236ml.

x Sumi

Dear Tattoo, I Used To Love You

Earlier this morning I was reading about Megan Fox getting rid of the Marilyn tattoo on her forearm. Even if I think it’s a good idea – face tattoos always look creepy and the forearm is too exposed – I couldn’t help thinking about the fact that tattoos were once supposed to last forever, and that was a big part of their charm. For a long time the only way to get rid of a tattoo has been covering it up with another. Removal was just not an option. Sort of “once a tattoo person, forever a tattoo person”.
Nowadays, thanks to Q-switched laser techniques and a local anesthesia, tattoos can be removed safely and painlessly. The laser heats up the pigment particles for few nanoseconds and fragments them into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces are then removed by normal body processes. With repeated visits the ink will completely fade away leaving no scars.

Take a look at these two pictures of Megan. In the first one, from 2009, the tattoo is clearly visible. The other one, from June 2011, proves that she had already started the treatment and shows a faded Marilyn.

When talking about tattooed celebrities, we must of course mention Angelina Jolie. She appears to have twelve to fourteen tattoos all over her body. Some have been covered up during the years, like the dragon on her hip which has been replaced by a thick cross, and some have been canceled. For example, an Asian dragon tattoo on her upper left arm with the name of her second husband Billy Bob Thornton above it. It took her several visits to the tattoo removal clinic to erase the design after they broke up. The geographic coordinates of her children’s birthplaces are now in its place.

Amy Winehouse, on the other hand, had no time to grow tired of her many and colorful tattoos. Pin-ups, the loved one’s name, a horseshoe. All show Amy was fond of traditional sailor’s tattoos.

It is most likely that her unique personal style and most of all, her tattoos, may in fact have inspired fashion photographer Steven Meisel for the shooting of his December 2007 amazing editorial for Vogue Italia.

Last but not least comes Rick Genest aka Rico the Zombie or Zombieboy. Star of Lady Gaga‘s music video for Born This Way and muse of Mugler‘s designer Nicola Formichetti, Rick has had the majority of his body tattooed to look like a decomposing corpse.

What are your feelings about tattoos? Love them? Hate them? Ever had one removed?

xx Sumi